Services For Contractors


IPSE provide Contractors with a representative voice and members can benefit from free tax and legal aid, as well as specialist representation in the event of a tax investigation.

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Looking for a mortgage but finding it difficult for a broker to understand what you do or reluctant to pay a large upfront fee? I can put you in touch with a fantastic broker that knows exactly what you do and can access specialist underwriters to get you a mortgage based on your day rate rather than your salary.

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Looking to setup a Limited Company or unhappy with your current accountant? Why not try an accountancy firm that specialises in dealing with contractors and you can benefit from their promotional joining offer.

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Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA) Training Course

I highly advocate the DipFA – IFS route as the quickest and most cost effective to gaining a Level 4 qualification. Our DipFA partner offers a guarantee that once you pay for the course they will coach you until you pass, no matter how many attempts it takes

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What if you could enjoy the benefit and security of these that you are currently paying from your personal accounts by expensing them through your business, which will ultimately reduce the corporation tax that you have to pay?

Our partner provides valuable protection whilst saving you money.

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Private Medical Insurance

If you’re willing to wait weeks or months before you are seen then you might consider this to be an unnecessary cost. However, if you care about being seen, worked on and rehabilitated ASAP then this is what you need.

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