Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA) Training Course

Many of you are eager to commence your study in the New Year and have asked for my recommendation on the best DipFA London Institute of Finance & Banking (LIBF) training course to go on.

You will be aware after reading through my site that I highly advocate the DipFA – LIBF route (www.level4qualified.co.uk/which-route-to-take) as the quickest and most cost effective to gaining a Level 4 qualification.

It is extremely difficult to find the motivation and time to study in the precious few hours that we have outside of work.  It is also hard to know which areas to focus on and how to streamline your learning.

I have partnered up with a great training provider who are FCA authorised with trainers that work in the industry and know exactly how to get you through the exams. They also offer a guarantee that once you pay for the course they will coach you until you pass, no matter how many attempts it takes, although it usually only takes one. They also offer CeMAP training and a number of other courses.

What’s the Structure of the Training Course?

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Part 1 – Multiple Choice Exam (within the first 3 months)

When you enroll for the DipFA you will receive a large manual that covers the comprehensive syllabus from regulation and legal principles through to products and services. There is also a large section attributed to risk and a new section covering ethics, which alone attributes to 20% of the total marks.The training provider recommends that you lightly pre-read the book then attend their 5 day course.

During the course you will be lectured on the entire syllabus. This training will teach you all of the key principles and also help you remember and understand the fundamentals of pensions, investments, long term care, taxation, business issues/tax, personal taxation etc.

Following the course you will be in a position where you can immediately book to sit your exam in a Pearsons-Vue test centre and expect to pass.

The second part to complete is called: Advanced Financial Advice (AFA) which consists of coursework and an examination.

Part 2A – The Coursework (by month 6)

By month 6 you will be expected to produce a concise (no more than 4,000 words) and professional piece of coursework in the form of a report. Your coursework scenario, which varies each month, will be issued to you at the start of your AFA session and you have 3 months to prepare for it.

The training provider runs a 3 day intensive course which will focus on the key areas of the coursework and enable you prepare for the main academic and practical implications. Most importantly you will leave having written most of, if not all of your coursework and will simply need to tidy it up at home. Past students have achieved a 99% pass rate on their coursework after attending this course.

Part 2B – The Examination (by month 9)

By month 9 you will be expected to be in a position to sit a 3 hour examination.
This is based upon a pre-issued fact find and you are expected to write an appropriate Suitability Letter (Reasons Why) in line with your particular and unique fact find.

The fact find is issued to you 6 weeks prior to your final examination date. There will be another 3 day intensive course where they will explore and train you on all key areas that are evidently central to the fact find. Whilst you can go a long way to preparing your final exam report you will need to be mindful that some subtle changes will be made in the final exam and the fact find information will vary enough for the advice/recommendation to change in a small way. You will also be prepared for this eventuality and again past students have achieved a 99% pass rate after attending the course.


  • How many classroom days? You will be expected to attend 5 classroom days to prepare you to pass the FSRE exam, 3 days to prepare / write your coursework and 3 days to prepare you for your final exam. That’s a total of only 11 days in 9 months to guarantee that you obtain a level 4 qualification that will change your life and open the door to many career opportunities.


  • Why? Your time is so precious and it’s a big ask to work in a full time role, then trying to cram in study into your spare time. Especially with work and other distractions going through your mind. Why put yourself through additional stress and anxiety when you can be mentored through the process?


  • How much does it cost? The course costs £995 + VAT and it is an allowable business expense, as is the cost of entering the DipFA. On the surface this might seem like a lot of money, but ultimately it will be repaid within a week once you land a new role with a better day rate and is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that you will definitely pass the exam in the most time efficient way. Plus it will reduce your corporation tax bill, which is always a bonus.


  • How do I sign up? To take action, all you need to do is complete the short form below and the training provider will be in touch with you shortly.

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