CII – Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning (DipFP) Training

The Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning (DipFP) Level 4 Qualification from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is generally perceived to be the qualification that provides candidates with the best overall knowledge and understanding for most areas of Financial Planning that you are likely to work in.  However, it is also harder to pass these exams and there’s a shortage of good training support available.

To meet this ever growing demand I have partnered with one of the best training providers out there.  This provider is often hired by the biggest corporations to get their employees through the exams as quickly as possible.

It’s easy enough to say that the provider is good, but they also have the stats to back it up:

ModuleAverage Pass Rate in 2017Average Pass Rates – Post Provider Training
R01 – Financial Services Regulation and Ethics64%100%
R02 – Investment Principles and Risks63%80-90%
R03 – Personal Taxation49%80-90%
R04 – Pensions and Retirement Planning55%80-90%
R05 – Financial Protection78%100%
R06 – Financial Planning Practice73%100%

If you factor in the time and financial cost of re-sitting an exam then it’s definitely in your interests to pass first time.

What training is offered?

Study Guide

After you’ve spent hours going through a course book to summarise the notes, do you think that the content could have been compressed into a much easier to read format that highlights the key areas?  The CII material is more like a reference book in a non-user friendly, difficult to retain format.

  • The provider offers interactive study guides with well structured activities and exercises to gradually increase your knowledge and understanding.  Furthermore, there are plenty of mock exam questions along the way to act as learning checkpoints.
  • You will also be given guidance on how to interpret the wording of the CII questions and the material is focused on the learning objectives that provide the most weighting on the exam to maximise the efficiency of your learning.
  • In addition, the guide includes a full mock exam at the end, with a detailed answer sheet that explains why each answer is correct, which can be used as an additional  revision aid.  With other providers this is something that you would normally have to purchase on top of any study guides.

Face to Face Learning

Some people prefer to learn in a classroom environment with on hand tutor support.

  • The provider offers one-day revision sessions, two-day intense focused learning and six-day structured learning workshops
  • These can be one to one, small group or larger group workshops
  • The sessions can be bespoke in the way that suits you the best, based on your individual needs and objectives
  • The workshops are based in central, easy to reach locations but there is also flexibility on location depending on demand
  • Whatever your training requirement, they will be able to cater it for your needs

If you want to maximise your free time and to give yourself the best possible chance of passing your exams, then please submit the following form and you can get started without your training.


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