AgilePM Course

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Do you work in PPI, Packaged Bank Accounts or General Banking Complaints?

  • The FCA has announced its PPI deadline of 29th August 2019 and following this date thousands of people who work in PPI will be out of work.Are you prepared for this date or are you just biding your time hoping for the best?Do you want to be part of the 90% who will have to find new work, may have to spend considerable time unemployed and are likely to receive a reduced income in their new role?

    Or do you want to be part of the 10% who have taken the time to invest in themselves, their career and their future?

Do you work in Pensions, Remediation or an Investment review?

  • More and more people who work in financial services are becoming Level 4 qualified. However, the majority of large-scale investment reviews are coming to a close. Many contractors are now focusing on studying for their Level 6 exams in order to stand out when applying for new roles. However, there is a concern that going forwards there will not be a sufficient number of places for the number of contractors applying once these major projects wind down. Opting for Level 6 may not leave you with the most employment options.

Why train to be a Project Management or Business Analysis?

Within all organisations there will always be projects that need implementing. Projects such as these require Project Managers and Business Analysts to devise strategies, develop plans and implement designs. Training as a Project Manager or Business Analyst will mean you are no longer be restricted to a particular sector. You will also gain highly valuable transferable skills and knowledge leaving you in a great position to apply for a multitude of contract or employed roles.

To have the chance of applying for these types of roles you will need to obtain an industry recognised qualification.

There are currently limited spaces remaining for the AgilePM course taking place in April 2018. Signing up for this highly valuable and comprehensive course will give you the opportunity to be trained by a leading expert in Project Management. Furthermore, upon completion of the course you will walk away as a certified AgilePM Practitioner.

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Course Details

  • Dates – Monday 23 April to Friday 27 April 2018
  • Location – Bradford (free parking and onsite café)
  • Classroom Hours – 09:00 to 17:00
  • Cost – £1,000 (this is a legitimate business expense that will reduce your Corporation Tax bill and will only take 2-3 days of the day rate from your new role to make this back) inclusive of:
    ◦ Lunch and snacks
    ◦ Agile PM Agile Project Management Handbook V2 Paperback (£37)
    ◦ Training Manual with sample exams & solutions (£30)
    ◦ Foundation and Practitioner Exam Entry (£450)
    ◦ The convenience of being able to sit your exams during the course when the content is fresh in your mind:
    ▪ Foundation exam on the 3rd day and
    ▪ Practitioner case study exam on the 4th day
  • What you will come away with –
    ◦ APMG certified AgilePM qualification
    ◦ Real case studies for your portfolio
  • Post Course Support – the tutors will provide you with a free CV “health check” as well as guidance and support in order to help you secure a suitable placement

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